2023 Sprint Programs: POST-SECONDARY HIGH PERFORMANCE - (May 1st-August 25th)

2023 Sprint Programs: POST-SECONDARY HIGH PERFORMANCE - (May 1st-August 25th)

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New in 2023, the CPCC Post-Secondary High Performance was created to accommodate athletes who are looking to begin or re-join training with our high performance program once their post-secondary semester wraps up. This program will follow the same format as our U16+ Sprint High Performance program, with adjusted dates, etc.  
Designed around Canoe Kayak Canada’s Learning to Compete and Training to Compete stages of the Long Term Athlete Development plan. Athletes will work with our Head Coach to learn about advanced sprint canoe and kayak technique, specific strength and fitness development, and detailed race preparation and strategy development.

Athletes in this program will train guided by a Yearly Training Plan that will include goal-setting, sport nutrition, self-care and training habits development, and motivation strategies. We also focus on building a strong base for long-term athlete development with an emphasis on technical understanding and an appreciation for the sport and physical exercise for life. Athletes in these programs will be training to qualify, compete, and perform at divisional, provincial, national, and international level competitions based on their individual needs.

  • PLEAS SEE... the EOD Regatta schedule on our website important information section for information on regatta dates. Participation in these programs is subject to approval from Head Coach Pat Lester.

Carleton Place's High performance programs reinforce important personal skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, building self-confidence, time management, and they teach the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.  All of Carleton Place's programs are led by friendly, dependable, knowledgeable and certified staff.
PROGRAM DATES: May 1st-August 25th, 2023
COST: $1,140
AGES: 14+ years (as of Jan. 1, 2023)
PROGRAM REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Membership, insurance fees, affiliation fees, program and coaching fees. Registration does NOT include regatta entry or travel fees. See policies for more information. 

PLEASE NOTE  Your registration is only complete once you submit payment in full (prior to your program start date) - payments can be made online upon registration or via email transfer to finance@cpcanoeclub.com and submit a signed waiver & code of conduct, and concussion code of conduct (for each registered participant). These forms can be found HERE.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: Please be sure to review our 2023 Registration, Payment and Cancellation Policy, It contains important information in regards to our process for cancellation and refunds.